New-concept headphones deliver pure sound.

Listen to music with the EPH-100...
And discover greater detail and clarity than ever before.

Yamaha Audio and Video [English] Yamaha Audio and Videoe-book Yamaha Audio and VideoPDF [35.2MB]

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

The EPH-100 Inner Ear Headphones are the result of Yamaha’s desire to enable you to
hear not only clear music, but the sounds of the performer’s breathing or the bassist’s
plucking of the strings, and even the emotions the artist put into the music. These
new-concept headphones use a 6mm (1/4”) diameter super-compact driver to deliver
the sound to your ears in pure form. Superb tuning only possible from Yamaha with
its long musical instrument and audio experience reproduces every minute detail. With
the EPH-100, you’ll fall in love with your favourite music all over again.


Precision-shaped Aluminium Conveys Luxury and Quality

The body is formed of precision-shaped aluminium with a finish that is resistant to scratching and corrosion. The design, texture and detailed workmanship convey the sense of luxury of a high quality product

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AV General Catalogue 2014/2015

AV General Catalogue 2014/2015

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