Pop Rock Music Courses

Join us for a fun and exciting learning experience! Connect with other like-minded people who are looking to jam and gig as a band. Wait no more. Embark on your musical journey with Yamaha today!

Lead Guitar Course

Electrify the air with power chords!

Acoustic Steel Guitar Course

Jam in Pop Rock and other contemporary styles unplugged.

Bass Guitar Course

Groove the bass lines in Pop, Contemporary and Jazz styles!

Ukulele Course

A compact instrument packed with fun and joy aplenty.

Pop Piano CourseGrand Pianos

Play your favourite popular melodies!

Portable Keyboard Course

Synthesize your music!

Drum Course

Hit those rhythmic movements and drum up your life!

Saxophone CourseUpright Pianos

Play the saxophone in more than one way!


Vocal Course

Be loud, be proud. Sing.

Pop Band Course

The making of a Pop/Rock Band!

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A Friend Who Would Always Be There

Adapted from an ex-student's account of his experience, this 90-sec video gives us a glimpse of his transformation after he found his passion in music.

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