Music Courses for Children

The gift of music
At Yamaha, we believe that music is for everyone. That’s why we have been providing quality music education globally to people of all ages since 1966.

It’s never too early to start, so our courses for children are fun-filled and enriching. Yamaha’s music curricula are designed to engage pre-schoolers and school-age children so that they develop a life-long love for music. Through a combination of imagination and exploration, your child will learn to embrace music spontaneously.

Our classes are organised according to age, as we believe in ‘Timely Education’. Find out more about the classes we offer for your child below.

Apple CourseGrand Pianos

Activity-based music programme for toddlers.


Music WonderlandGrand Pianos

Initiate your child into the Music Wonderland and discover his or her creative intelligence.


Yamaha Junior CourseUpright Pianos

Develop your child's sensitivity to music at a timely age when his or her sensory perception is most receptive.

(4- to 5-year-olds)

Yamaha Piano CourseUpright Pianos

Designed for all ages, Yamaha Piano Course is suitable for everyone.

(6-year-olds or older)

Piano Course for ChildrenGrand Pianos

Cultivate an artistic temperament in your child through the discipline of music.

(6- to 8-year-olds)

Junior Electone CourseGrand Pianos

Focuses on developing your child's ability to appreciate and enjoy music through arrangement and improvisation.

(6- to 8-year-olds)

Electone Study CourseUpright Pianos

Take the first step to realize your dreams! A dynamic and exciting learning experience to set you on your way.

(10-year-olds or older)

Junior Guitar CourseUpright Pianos

Let your child pull at your heartstrings as his or her little fingers strum the guitar.

(7- to 11-year-olds)

Yamaha Classical Guitar CourseGrand Pianos

Progressively graded to make learning to play the guitar easy, enjoyable and effective.

(12-year-olds or older)


Kids Drum CourseUpright Pianos

Building the drummer in the little one.

(6- to 12-year-olds)

A Musical Journey

The story is centred on one of our students who has been with Yamaha Music School since the age of 4. Catch a glimpse of her musical journey through this video.

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