Music Courses for Adults

It's never too late  to learn how to let your favourite music instrument become an extension of your personality and colour your life with the different shades of music.

Choose from our variety of music courses designed with you in mind. These courses are conducted in groups, or individually for a more personal experience. With our growing network of Jam Studios, you and your friends would also have plenty of opportunities to come together to make music.

Embark on your musical journey with Yamaha today!



Piano Course

Start on a brighter note with piano.


Classical Guitar Course

Strum your favourite tune.


Violin Course

Unveil the many facets of violin.


Flute Course

Be enchanted by the sweet melody of the flute.

Clarinet Course

Mellow and gently, ease out with the clarinet.


Trumpet Coursetrumpet

Swing to the big bang music!


Jazz Piano CourseGrand Pianos

Swing & jive, jazz up your life!

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