Asian Beat


Asian Beat is one of the biggest amateur band contests held throughout many regions in Asia.
It starts out from Area Heat in participating countries and regions. Each winner at Area Heat finals can proceed onto the Grand Final, where they will perform together on the same stage and compete to be the top of amateur bands in Asia.

Yamaha Corporation started this event as “Band Alert” in 1998, renamed to “Asian Beat” in 2001. In the past years, worldwide famous players were the judges such as Nathan East, Wes Borland, Tommy Aldridge, Sonny Emory, Billy Sheehan, James LoMenzo and Akira Jimbo. For further information, you can take a look at the history on this website.


2014 Gallery


Event scheduling differs for each country. For details, please refer to the website of the region in which you have entered the competition.

06[JUN] - 06[JUL] Applications for Area Heat 07[JUL] - 09[SEP] Area Heat 07[JUL] - 09[SEP] Area Heat

This year's Grand Final will be held in the Yamaha Ginza Building.
The venue for this event is Yamaha Ginza Studio, a multi-purpose space that utilizes a state-of-the-art Yamaha acoustic system to create the perfect sound space for live concerts and speaking events.
Yamaha Ginza Building also offers retail floors, upon which are assembled the largest collection of specialist music and musical instrument outlets in Japan, covering the needs of everyone from beginner players to professionals.
As a forum for communication, and for conveying information on Yamaha as a sound-and music-oriented company, this facility is intended to create new music scenes.
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Jimbo Akira

Judge for Grand Final AKIRA JIMBO

Since his professional debut as a member of the group CASIOPEA in 1980, he has been leading the music scene as a top drummer for over a quarter of a century. Making full use of his MIDI Drum Trigger System, his unique playing style is what can be called a one-man orchestra. He continues to overwhelm his listeners with his performance, which covers a field never trodden by man, combining his astonishing playing technique with modern technology. This has earned him great respect both domestically and internationally. Window


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